Monday, January 23, 2017

Re: ¡Buenos tardes!

I love you and miss being able to talk with you! Take care of yourself. Happy you are in Covina for your birthday day.

Working with sister hirschi maybe one of your best converts if you can help her to see the power of the atonement in her life!!!!

I love you

> On Jan 23, 2017, at 4:11 PM, Sarah Ann Hirschi <> wrote:
> ¡Hola mis amigos!
> This week has been super great! I found out on Saturday that I get to
> stay here in Covina for another transfer (6 weeks) and Hermana Hirschi
> will be staying here with me! Hooray!! I really love it here and I'm
> so grateful for the chance to stay and work and serve here for a
> little while longer.
> It has been raining SO MUCH here! This morning it even hailed! I love
> the rain a lot so it has made me happy. Someone told us this the other
> day: "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." I LOVE THAT. So
> I've been trying to feel the rain instead of just getting wet this
> week and it makes it better when we're walking in the rain with wet
> feet and cold hands trying and failing to find people to serve and
> teach 😊☔️
> Something I was studying a little bit about yesterday is the Atonement
> of Jesus Christ in Mosiah 3, in the Book of Mormon. The phrase
> "through the atonement" or "through faith on the Lord Jesus Christ" or
> some other similar phrase appears so many times and as I highlighted
> and read each of them, I was struck by how much power the Atonement of
> Jesus Christ has. It has all power to forgive sin, all power to change
> human nature, all power to heal broken hearts, all power to save us...
> Through Jesus Christ, we have all the potential and ability to become
> the men and women He knows we can become. And He never gives up on
> that potential, even when we do! His love is infinite and everlasting,
> as are the effects of His great Sacrifice. As we turn to Him, He will
> close the gap and make up the difference so that we can become changed
> through Him. I'm so grateful for Him and that we can change and become
> better!
> I am once again, really grateful for each of you. For your love,
> support, prayers, emails, mail.. I appreciate it all so much. I wish I
> could express my gratitude more fully!
> Con amor,
> Hermana Sarah Hirschi
> Hermana Sarah Hirschi | Arcadia California Mission
> Mailing Address:
> 614 W Foothill Blvd
> Arcadia, CA 91006

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