Monday, February 13, 2017

Route 66!!!

Hi everyone!!

I'm so sorry I didn't get time to write a group email last week! It
was a crazy day (but then again they all are!) and I'm sorry for those
of you I didn't get to reply to!

This week has been great! I think a few times a week I sort of have to
pinch myself and realize that I'm actually a missionary and that I
really am in California! It's the best!! It's also pretty hard.
Something my companion and I were talking about is how individualized
missions are to the missionary. Some serve in third world countries
where they might not even have electricity all the time. Others serve
in the United States where they have iPads and cars to help them out.
But no matter what, each missionary has trials and individual
struggles that are perfectly designed by the One who knows us best, to
help us grow and become better. Really, that's how life is. Lots of
people we teach ask us "If God is so loving, how does He let so much
suffering occur?" And while I don't know the perfect answer, I think
it's something along the lines of this: God knows and loves us
perfectly. He never gives us challenges that are more than He can
handle, and through those trials, He molds us into the person He knows
we can become. Without the trials, we wouldn't know the joy of the
good times.

Something funny that happened this week is that we had a church
breakfast on Saturday, and so Hermana Hirschi and I went and helped
out. We ended up in the kitchen, and all the women were teaching us
how to make tortillas! It took a lot of trial and error (and a lot of
ugly tortillas), but finally we got the hang of it, and the ladies all
told us that we could get married now, since we would be able to make
our husbands tortillas! We had a good laugh about that😊 People ask
Hermana Hirschi and I if we are sisters all the time! We look enough
alike to everybody that they don't always believe us when we say nope,
we are 8th cousins, twice removed! It is pretty fun to see all the
reactions. Also fun fact Route 66 passes through my area and we go on
it all the time.

Well, I hope all of you have a blessed week, and a Happy Valentine's Day!!

With love,
Hermana Sarah Hirschi

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