Monday, June 19, 2017

Pasadena Week 10🌞

Met the Chick-fil-A cow #lifemade

Our area is on fire! So bright we can't see 🌞

Studies with Sisters Allen and Robinson - LOVE THEM.

I love my companion.

Hello from sunny Pasadena! We live in a state of constant heat
advisory haha it is SO hot! I am trying to drink lots of water and
stay hydrated while we are out working and talking to everyone!

This week was honestly really stressful! It really helped me to rely
more on God and less on my own strength. This week as I was studying
in the Book of Mormon, I read a verse that talked about being a
disciple of Christ, and it made me think of this quote: "A disciple of
Christ is one who is learning to be like Christ." I LOVE THAT. I am
not perfect, none of us are, but I am trying to become more like
Christ. I am so grateful that Jesus provides the way for us to follow
to become more like Him through our faith and willingness to change.
We are so lucky. And I feel so lucky to help people here in Pasadena
learn how to apply that love of Christ in their own lives and to see
them change.

Sorry this is shorter today, we are running late as usual :) have a
wonderful week!

Hermana Hirschi

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