Monday, June 26, 2017

Pasadena Week I lost count again

Hello all! 

It is hot here in Pasadena. Our car told us it was 109 degrees today. Any suggestions for dealing with the heat are greatly appreciated 😊

It has been a wonderful week! The highlight was Saturday. On Saturday I got to go to the LA temple with Hna Lyman to watch some of my most favorite people, Triny and Armando, be sealed for time and all eternity! Their marriage is no longer "til death do you part" but for "todo el tiempo y toda la eternidad." It was the most incredible experience. I know that the sealing was carried out by the sacred priesthood power of God, the authority He gives to men to act in His name. That priesthood power was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have taught that to countless people here in California and I think I have grown in the surety of that fact each time I teach it! On Saturday, the Spirit of God confirmed to my heart that the power of the priesthood is real, and that through it, families can be sealed together forever in the temple. 

On Sunday, Hna Arriagada and I were able to go back to the temple to give a tour of the visitors center to Blanca, a 15 year old who will be baptized on July 1. The Spirit again whispered to my heart that the temple is truly the house of God, and that no sacrifice is too great to obtain the blessing and hope and assurance of having an eternal family. I though of my own family and was filled with gratitude at the thought that I will be able to be with them forever because of the sealing power of the priesthood. This small year and a half apart is so worth it, because I get to help other families have that same assurance and hope! 

I am grateful for each of you and your support! Have a wonderful week :) 

Hermana Hirschi

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Triny and Armando after being sealed in the temple! Son mis abuelitos aquí. Triny handmade her wedding dress. 


At the temple Sunday with Blanca!

I love my companion!

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