Saturday, October 1, 2016

HOLA from the MTC


How is everybody? The past few days have been so crazy but also so great. I love the MTC (Missionary Training Center) a lot. It's a lot of work, and a busy schedule, but so so good. 

I'm in the intermediate Spanish class here which means I'm supposedly supposed to be good at Spanish but yikes it's rough sometimes. Our teachers only talk to us in Spanish so for 6 hours of class a day all I hear is Spanish. I've definitely learned so so much! And we practice teaching a fake investigator named Alejandro and he speaks really fast and pretends he doesn't know English (even though he does know how) so we can't ask him questions about how to say something when we don't know, we just kinda go with it which makes for some interesting conversations sometimes in our broken Spanish.

My companion is Hermana Flores! She's from Salt Lake City and is going to the Redlands California mission. Our district (the group of missionaries who came into the MTC the same day and are learning the same language as me) is really small, only 5 people total. There is a trio of elders - Elder Hall, Christensen and Smith. They're awesome and we've all become really close over the past 6 days we've been here. 

I've learned and grown so much while I've been here! I'm not sure what else yall want to hear about - shoot me an email or a letter and I promise I'll reply and answer your questions! Also I've seen SO many people I know and love here! It's made the transition way easier to literally have a friend to say hi to everywhere I go.

The food here SUCKS. I legit feel sick when I eat it so please send me yummy snacks if you feel like it :) Also shout out to the people who've sent me letters or Dear Elders - you're the greatest ever. (Details for using Dear Elder are on my blog by the way)

However, despite the food, I am happy and loving it here. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ with all of my heart. I know He loves me and I'm so lucky I get to spend the next 18 months teaching about Him and His love! I got to go to the temple today and I love the peaceful feeling that brings. What a great blessing it is to be able to feel God's love for me on a daily basis.

I love and miss you all! God be with you!

Sister Sarah Hirschi | California Arcadia Mission

MTC Address: 
Sister Sarah Hirschi
2005 N 900 E Unit 259
Provo, UT 84602

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