Thursday, October 6, 2016

HOLA Week 2

Hola amigos!

I honestly can't believe it's already PDay again. It feels like I just emailed home yesterday! Time goes by so quickly here.

This was one of the best weeks ever! On Saturday, I had the privilege of singing in the special MTC Choir at General Conference. It was amazing to sing and to bear witness of Christ in the same meeting that the prophets and leaders of the Church spoke about how to come closer to Him. (If you didn't see me, go to and watch the Saturday Afternoon Session of the Conference!) During the Conference, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my Heavenly Father for allowing me to have the opportunity not only to sing in the same room as His apostles and prophets (only 360 of the missionaries here got to sing in the choir), but to be able to be a missionary. It's the best thing ever and I already feel sad thinking that in just 18 months my mission will be over. But I'm not dwelling on that because I've got the next 18 months to make the best ever!

My Spanish is improving rapidly, and I think in part it's because we have class totally in Spanish for several hours a day. I can already teach about Christ in Spanish and can bear my testimony of Him which is the coolest ever because I love talking about my Savior! What a blessing it is to be His witness.

Something sad that happened this week is that Elder Smith switched districts. He had been really struggling with the language and teaching and so they moved him to another district with a beginning Spanish class so that will hopefully help him. But it's sad for us because we felt a lot like a family - we spend almost all day together and it's weird to only have the four of us now. 

I've loved the past two weeks here. It's weird to think that I've only been here for two weeks and yet it also feels like I've been here for forever! But this is such a special place. You can tell that this is a place where the Lord's Spirit is present because all the missionaries (over 2000!) are striving to keep His commandments and serve Him fully. It's one of the best feelings to be in devotionals with all the missionaries and to be singing hymns and praises to God!

Speaking of devotionals, on Sunday night, BYU VOCAL POINT CAME. Literally one of the best things ever! They are so talented and they performed so beautifully! If you don't know who they are, go to YouTube and look up "Nearer My God to Thee" by BYU Vocal Point. They performed that live for us and it was such a spiritual experience! 

The food isn't much better but every Monday night they have Subway or Chick fil A or some other restaurant cater to the MTC so I'm surviving :) And honestly I love it here. There's nothing more fun than being on the Lord's errand, doing His work.

I love Jesus Christ! I love His gospel and am so grateful for His Atonement and love. God's plan for each of us is perfect and is for our good - we just need to trust in that.

I love you all! Write me letters and use Dear Elder (it's super easy) because I seriously love to hear from everyone! Mail is the best and I also promise I'll always write back. If you have questions let me know!

God be with you!!


1. IT RAINED! We love the rain and obviously had to take pictures in it.
2. Gangsters comin at you from District 27 E
3. More rain pictures because I love the rain
4. Popcorn party! Always a must after a long day of Spanish
5. This is Hermana Pierce!!! She left yesterday for her mission and I'll miss seeing her happy face all the time. She was a great friend at BYU.
6. THAILAND SQUAD. Everyone in this picture (except for Elder Fjeldsted, the shorter elder) lived in Thailand at the same time I did! And all of them except for me are going to Thailand on their missions! I love them.

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