Monday, November 7, 2016

Hola from Covina!


Wow what a wonderful past couple weeks it has been. I don't know that I could adequately describe it if I tried. It has been full of wonderful learning and growing experiences and I love my mission more than I thought would be possible!

My companion is Hermana Wilde! She is from Ammon, ID and is just the greatest missionary I've met! She speaks Spanish very well, and isn't afraid to talk to anybody. We get along super well and I've already learned so much from her. I love her so much!

Right now, we are serving in the Pomona West area, which covers a lot of Covina and some of Pomona as well. We're actually opening up this area; there haven't been sister missionaries in this area for several years, so it's been fun to figure out the area together. I LOVE IT. I love all the people and I love the food and almost most of all I love the warm weather. I can't believe that it's November, and it's still 95 degrees outside. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father let me come to a warm mission :)

Something I've learned a lot this week is that God strengthens us for the things He asks us to do. There is absolutely no way that I would be able to wake up at 6:30 every day, study for 4 hours, talk to people I don't know in a language I don't really know until 9:00pm, and sleep at 10:30pm without His help. I've felt strength beyond my own multiple times and I'm so grateful for His love and influence in my life.

A phrase from the Book of Mormon that I love is this: "Their joy shall be in the Lord." WOW that is so true! As I've studied the scriptures and learned more about Him, and spent all day, every day working to invite other people to come to Him, my joy has been so full. The Lord is so good, and I am so grateful He has let me come to this mission to work in this great work.

I love you all! Send me letters and emails and anything your heart desires - I would love to hear from you. If you do send letters or packages, please make sure my whole name (Hermana Sarah Hirschi) is on it since there is another Hermana Hirschi here :)

God be with you all!

Hermana Hirschi

California Arcadia Mission
Mailing Address:
Sister Sarah Hirschi
614 W. Foothill Blvd
Arcadia, CA 91006

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