Monday, January 2, 2017


Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe that it is already 2017. This will be such a
great year! I will have the blessing and privilege of spending every
day this year here in the mission field. Could there be a better way
to spend a whole year? (Nope!)

I have been thinking a lot about visions, goals and plans. As a
missionary, we set goals and plans every day, and there is always a
vision that the goals and plans lead towards. My personal vision for
this year is to become more full of pure, Christlike love. All that He
did was motivated by and full of love. While I spend this next year
serving the children of God here, I want to have my actions motivated
by a pure love for each of them. It is a grand vision, and one that
will not be fully realized in this life or without His help, and so I
will be praying and working lots towards this vision. This coming week
I will be setting goals and plans to help me more fully achieve this

This week I was studying a lot about God's love for us. Here is a
short snippet from my study journal:

"I am trying to comprehend God's love in some small way and I simply
cannot. He loves us. He gave us our agency and a commandment to choose
to follow Him. He weeps when we choose wickedness. He has created us -
we are His, and yet somehow we turn away from Him and He, in His
infinite goodness and love allows us to choose this. He weeps when we
suffer because of those decisions and rejoices with us when they make
us happy. HE LOVES US SO MUCH."

I cannot comprehend the love he has for us. I can only try to emulate
it as I help other people feel that love. And that is my vision for
this year!

I love each of you and hope God will be with each of you this year.


Hermana Hirschi

Hermana Sarah Hirschi | Arcadia California Mission
Mailing Address:
614 W Foothill Blvd
Arcadia, CA 91006

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